Public Affairs and Grassroots Management

At times, a direct lobbying strategy may require third party validators reaching directly to decision-makers, the press, public or industry in order to influence public policy or legislation. We design and implement grass roots programs that focus on consensus building and action.

Grass roots lobbying may include coordinating visits with legislators, newspaper editorial boards, circulating petitions, developing direct mailings, and establishing a telephone blitz to influence public policy action.

Motivating stakeholders to participate in grass roots efforts can be a challenge. We work with clients and interested parties to educate them on critical issues, explain the message which needs to be conveyed to the legislature, and provide follow up and support of their contact efforts.

Whether it involves a local county issues or even a Congressional matter, we have performed the following public affairs and grass roots support:

• Deployed strategic mass mailings, telephone calls and e-mails to a specific target audience. We can tailor messages to motivate private citizens on your behalf by using multiple methods of communication at the most effective moment.

• Contact, whether by email, call or social media, from a constituent or business owner to a wavering elected official on an issue is guaranteed to make an impression. We have the ability to connect these contacts to undecided elected officials and can also blanket them with contacts from their constituents supportive or opposed to a particular issue.

• Create effective coalitions on a particular issue and coordinating public policy.