Representing Holocaust Victims

We provide pro bono representation to 650 Holocaust survivors from around the country in their attempt to hold the French railway company Société Nationale des Chemins de Fer Français (SNCF) accountable for its role in the Holocaust. SNCF transported more than 75,000 Jews and U.S. and Canadian prisoners of war to death camps during World War II and was paid per head, per kilometer, to transport these innocent individuals. Sadly, the railway has never been held accountable. As SNCF and its subsidiary sought a Maryland rail contract, we led the effort in passing the first bill in the country requiring any entity, pursuing a procurement contract to provide MARC train service to disclose any activity it undertook in the deportation of individuals to Nazi death camps during World War II and ultimately to open up its archives, digitize its records, detail its role in the Holocaust and post this information on-line. Our efforts have also led to action in a number of other States and on Capitol Hill where in the 112th Congress, we are working to pass the Holocaust Rail Justice Act (S. 634/H.R. 1193). Greenfield & Kress have worked with its clients on Capitol Hill to meet with Members of Congress, staff and testify before the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee and House Foreign Relations Committee.

Dying with Dignity

After learning of the mishandling of veterans' remains while awaiting burial at Arlington National Cemetery, our attorneys agreed to provide pro bono representation to the family of a deceased Lt. Colonel whose body was stored in a parking garage instead of being properly refrigerated. Despite strong opposition from the funeral industry, Kress successfully lobbied for the passage of the Handling Human Remains with Dignity Act of 2012 which sets appropriate standards for handling human remains.

Fighting for the Disabled

In 2009, we represented the Amputee Coalition of America on a pro bono basis and successfully lobbied for the passage of the prosthetic parity act which requires insurance coverage for prosthetic limbs.