Legislation & Government Affairs

Greenfield & Kress provides bill drafting and policy analysis, bill amendments and advance legislative initiatives for clients. We regularly testify before legislativecommittees, act as liaisons with committee members and staff, and personally engage and advocate our client’s position to policy-makers.

Executing an effective government relations strategy is about more than just lobbying elected officials. We have built strong relationships with members of the executive and legislative branches of government to ensure our client’s message and concerns are heard at all levels of government.

To assist in navigating the local, state and federal government, our additional services include:

• Arrange strategic meetings with top-level executive and legislative officials

• Work closely with our clients to train on the most effective ways to interact with and influence legislators and public officials

• Monitor and analyze administrative rules and legislation that may affect our clients and develop effective strategies to address them

• Educate and inform lawmakers and state agencies to monitor and influence rules and legislation, and ensure stakeholders are represented on industry task forces and advisory councils.

• Develop opportunities for our clients to serve on appointed boards and commissions so your interest in represented